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Car9 is the leading T10 LED bulb manufacturer and supplier in China. The imported resistors with constant current IC can provide a more stable light source and longer life for our T10 LED. Our high-quality T10 automotive bulb is one of the most popular car LED lights with high brightness. The LED T10 can be used as the width light, door light, dome light, reading light, luggage light, etc., which can create a good atmosphere for your car.

SMD - High standard lamp bead material and technology.
T10 LED Canbus - The decoder chip will not have hyper flash after installation.
Non-polarity - Join the non-polarity design, which doesn't need to distinguish, and all can use.
The heat dissipation aluminum part - Adopts the high-quality aluminum shell, the heat dissipation effect is excellent.
Fiberglass PCB - High precision thickening glass fiberboard, heat resistant, flame retardant, heat dissipation fast, resistant to high pressure.

As a professional T10 automotive bulb factory, we offer a wide range of T10 LED lights, including T10 W5w LED, T20 W21w Bulb, and more auto light bulbs to fit your needs. Our top-quality T10 bulb has a faster response time with no incandescent delay. Please feel free to contact us for more information!

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