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As a professional LED festoon bulb factory and supplier in China, offering a wide range of 31mm festoon DED, 36mm LED festoon bulb, 41mm festoon LED, and more specifications can be found here. Also, our festoon lights are available in a variety of colors - white, blue, red, amber, green, pink, ice blue and so on. 

With top-quality 3014 chips and imported resistors with constant current IC, our LED festoon bulb stable can provide a more stable light source and high performance with long life. And the built-in Canbus can ensure there will be no hyper flash installed in the car. 

Therefore, the festoon lights have various applications in different positions in the car, such as interior map lights, dome lights, license plate lights, parking lights,  corner lights, trunk lights, side marker lights, side door courtesy, or cargo light, or trunk lights etc.

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