What should I do if the car headlights enter the water mist?

What should I do if the car headlights enter the water mist?

I believe that many car owners have encountered water and fog in the car headlights, and wonder if the car headlights are not sealed? Why is there water mist? What should I do if the headlights get water and fog? How to deal with it? Let's take a look together.

In fact, it is normal for car headlights to enter water and fog, and car owners don't need to worry too much. We all know that a lot of heat will be generated from the moment the headlights are lit until the headlights are used. There will be a venting rubber tube on the back cover of the headlight. The role of this rubber tube is to remove the heat generated after the headlight is turned on, but the moisture in the air will enter the headlight through it and adhere to it. On the lampshade, with the accumulation of water vapor, water droplets formed and then flowed down the lampshade. Generally, this situation occurs when the temperature difference is relatively large, and it often occurs in winter and rainy seasons.

In the case of car headlights, the better way is to turn on the headlights. Usually, after the car lights are turned on for a period of time, the fog will be discharged out of the lights through the vent pipe along with the hot air, and will not cause damage to the headlights and circuits. If the car owner has a high-pressure air gun, or use a hair dryer, adjust it to the cold wind gear, and blow at the place where moisture is easy to accumulate in the engine compartment to speed up the air flow and remove the moisture.

A car owner asked, if you encounter this situation, can you use a dryer to bake the surface of the headlights? This is definitely not feasible, because most of the current headlight lampshade of the car is made of special plastic, if the baking temperature is too high, it will easily cause the headlight to age and yellow, or even crack directly when it is cold.

Note that the above conditions are the treatment of the water mist in the headlights of the car. If there is a lot of water in the headlights, it is basically a problem with the sealing of the headlights. The solution is to disassemble the headlight assembly, and then carefully check whether the internal components are damaged. If there is damage, the headlight can only be replaced.