What are the maintenance methods for LED car headlights

What are the maintenance methods for LED car headlights

LED car headlights are an important part of a car and an important lighting tool for driving at night. In daily use, car headlights need regular maintenance, so as to maintain the brightness and life of the headlights, so how to maintain the LED car headlights?

Headlights, also known as "headlights", are installed on both sides of the head of the car to illuminate the vehicle at night and are one of the important components to ensure the safe operation of the car. The farther the headlights are, the better the illumination angle and the better the light distribution characteristics, the higher the safety performance of the car.

Maintenance method of LED car headlights:

1. Check the tightness of the headlamp

If there is water vapor in the headlamp, it will reduce the service life of the bulb, so it is necessary to pay attention to the regular inspection of the tightness of the headlamp. If it is found that the sealing ring between the light distribution lens and the reflector is damaged, it should be replaced in time.

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2. Clean the mirror

The reflector of the semi-enclosed headlamp turns black, and when the luminosity decreases, replace it in time. If there is only dust on the reflector, there is no need to replace it, but it must be blown clean with compressed air. If the reflector cannot be blown clean, if the reflector coating material is chrome-plated, because of the high hardness, you can use deerskin dipped in absolute alcohol (above 95%) to spiral out from the inside of the reflector gently and carefully. wipe.

If the reflector is silver-plated or aluminum-plated, due to its poor hardness, when cleaning, you can only clean it with clean cotton dipped in hot water. Never wipe it to avoid damage to the reflector coating.

Some mirrors are pre-coated with a thin and transparent protective film, so be careful not to damage them when cleaning. If the reflector is often dirty, the sealing rubber ring is damaged and must be replaced. After wiping or cleaning the reflector, be sure to dry it before reinstalling, and pay attention to whether the installation position is correct.

3. Clean the car bulb

When there is dust on the halogen bulb, it can be scrubbed with absorbent cotton soaked in ethanol (90%). When scrubbing, be careful not to do it when the car lights are just extinguished and the bulbs are still hot. After cleaning, it should be dried rather than wiped. Do not touch the bulb with your hands or a rag. Do not turn on the power immediately, otherwise it will lose its luster or even fail to recover.

4. Adjust the beam irradiation direction

During the driving of the car, the direction of the light beam will be deviated due to the vibration of the body, so there is a special inspection of the direction of the headlight during the annual inspection. During regular maintenance, technicians can be required to check and adjust the irradiation direction. The screen method is generally used for adjustment, and attention should be paid to ensure that the tire pressure reaches the standard value before inspection.