What are the advantages of Auto LED Light?

What are the advantages of Auto LED Light?

For a car, the lights are like its eyes, especially when driving at night, the lights are an indispensable auto accessory. Auto LED Light is a common lamp in the market at present, while xenon headlights are a relatively popular type of car light. We often hear its name in car modification. Which one is better? Auto LED Light and xenon headlights? The following editor will introduce the relevant knowledge of Auto LED Light and xenon headlights.

What is Auto LED Light
Led is a kind of energy-saving light source. The headlight is the lamp in front of the car. The integrated meaning is that the light source used in the lamp in front of the car is the LED energy-saving light source, which is applied to the device in front of the car. The headlights used in most cars nowadays are led light sources.

Advantages of Auto LED Light
1. Energy saving and low cost
The luminous efficiency of led is high, nearly twice that of fluorescent lamp. For the same daytime running lights, the energy consumption of LED components is only 1/20 of that of halogen lamps. The cost of led components has also been significantly reduced year by year, and the current cost and price are still falling by more than 20% per year.

2. Long life span
At present, LED components used in automobiles can basically reach the level of 50,000 hours, and well-known automotive lighting suppliers have been able to provide LED components with a lifespan of 100,000 hours, which is equivalent to 11 years. Taking into account the frequency of use of the lights, basically in the design life of the vehicle, the LED components do not need to be replaced.

3. Good durability
The led component has a simple structure, excellent impact resistance and shock resistance, is not easily broken, and can adapt to various environments well.

4. The components are small in size, compact and easy to layout and design
This is a huge advantage of LEDs. This advantage fully caters to the evolutionary needs of car manufacturers in design, breaking the shackles of the past lighting system on modeling innovation, and allowing us to have more creative automotive products.

5. Fast response speed
The lighting of leds only needs microseconds. When used on taillights and turn signals, it can quickly light up to achieve better warning effects. When used on headlights, it has a higher response speed than xenon lamps and halogen headlights. Driving safety is better guaranteed.

6. Low brightness attenuation
LED has high brightness, and the attenuation of light brightness is much lower than that of halogen lamps. It is suitable for lighting and warning lights such as brake lights and turn signals.

7. Good adaptability
It can be driven by low-voltage direct current, with small load, weak interference, low requirements for the use environment, and good adaptability.