Understand what kind of car headlights are the brightest.

Understand what kind of car headlights are the brightest.

Car headlights are used to illuminate the road conditions, not to say that the brighter the better, but the quality must be very good.

There are three kinds of car headlights that people use now: the first is the original car halogen bulb; the second is the xenon lamp; the third is the LED headlight. The original car halogen bulb is the bulb that the car is equipped with when it leaves the factory, generally 55W, which can be said to be the first generation of car headlights. Xenon lamp is the second generation product; LED headlight is the third generation product, which is the latest generation product.

How to judge the quality of a generation of products, first of all, we must analyze the light-emitting principle of each generation of headlights:

The light-emitting principle of the original car halogen bulb:

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After being energized, the electric energy heats the tungsten filament to an incandescent state to emit light. The electric energy is converted into heat energy and then into light energy. This is the first-generation product. It has the advantages of low cost and simple production. At the same time, it also has the disadvantages of high temperature, poor durability, and low brightness.

The light-emitting principle of xenon lamp headlights:

Use the ballast to increase the original vehicle voltage of the headlights from 12V to 23000V, and then excite the arc to emit light, which also converts electrical energy into heat energy and then into light energy. Its advantage is high brightness, which is 4-6 times that of the original halogen bulb.

The luminous principle of LED headlights is:

After being energized, the LED chip directly emits light, that is, stimulates chemical energy to directly emit light. Electric energy is directly converted into photoelectric through the LED chip, and does not need to be converted into heat. Therefore, the LED light source is also called a cold light source. Because LED headlights are very energy-efficient, LED technology is called the third lighting revolution. Led headlights have the characteristics of high brightness, low temperature and stable performance.