Understand the heat dissipation method of LED car lights.

Understand the heat dissipation method of LED car lights.

LED car lights have three ways to dissipate heat. Radiator heat dissipation, braided belt heat dissipation and fan heat dissipation. The heat dissipation problem of LED car lights has always been the research direction of the industry, and the research on heat dissipation is also to be able to fit more models and find better heat dissipation methods. How to choose the right LED car lights?

First, the heat dissipation method of the radiator.

Among the many LED car lights, the heat dissipation method of the LED car light radiator is relatively stable. It uses heat conduction to dissipate the heat. The design of the radiator is directly related to the power of the LED car light. The greater the power, the greater the heat. Big, so the radiator also needs to be bigger.

However, according to the design of the car, the installation space of many models is not as large as imagined, and even some models are still a little "short of space". When installing "external" lights for LED car lights, the installation space depends on the effective position of the lamp assembly in the engine compartment, while "inner" lights depend on the internal space of the dust cover.

Because the radiator part of the radiator for the LED car light is large, it is often difficult to "install" in a car with a dust cover. If the radiator is made smaller, then the power will be reduced, and the brightness can only be reduced accordingly. If the brightness advantage is lost in order to put the radiator into the dust cover, then the lighting upgrade will be useless.

Second, the heat dissipation method of the braided belt.

Earlier braided belt heat dissipation method is that the braided belt part is opened on both sides, and there are two braided belts on each side. It has developed to a braided belt on four sides, and later a braided belt with multiple sides.

In principle, the LED car lights with braided belts not only solve the installation problem, but also solve the heat dissipation problem. However, it requires high professionalism for the installer. The installer must know that the installation space of the car light should not be too narrow. A better heat dissipation state can be achieved after the braid is partially unfolded, and the heat dissipation effect cannot be achieved without unfolding.

Third, the fan cooling method.

While everyone is pursuing stability, if the fan of the car lights has a problem, the huge heat will not be able to dissipate effectively. The LED chip will burn out. At that time when the fan technology is still immature, many fan-cooled LED car lights are crowded out.