Understand the advantages of LED car headlights.

Understand the advantages of LED car headlights.

LED car lights have gradually become the mainstream lamp type of car lights. So do you know why LED car headlights are so popular?

1. Long lifespan of LED car headlights: The lifespan of LEDs is theoretically 50,000 hours, which is longer than that of a car, but the actual lifespan will be shortened by the influence of temperature. The life of the xenon lamp can only reach 3,000 hours. The halogen lamp is 500 hours.

2. The response speed of LED car headlights is fast: it only takes one second to turn on the LED car headlights, especially the LEDs that are initially applied to the turn signal and taillights, which can quickly light up to achieve a better warning effect. The LED used in the headlights has a higher response speed than the xenon lamp and the traditional halogen lamp, so that the driving has a better guarantee.

3. Low cost and energy saving of LED car headlights: With the development of social technology, the cost of LED components has also been greatly reduced year by year. The current cost and price are still falling by more than 20% per year. That's why I have the opportunity to walk into the lives of thousands of car owners. Become a suitable replacement product for the original car halogen lamp. In terms of energy saving, the energy consumption of the same LED lamp component in a car is 1/10 of that of a halogen lamp.

4. LED car headlights have high brightness: LED car lights have high brightness, and the attenuation of light brightness is much lower than that of traditional halogen lamps. They are more suitable for headlights, turn signals, brake lights and other warning lights.

5. The LED components of LED car headlights are small in size, compact and easy to arrange and shape design: this is also a huge advantage of LED, breaking the shackles of traditional light systems on innovative shapes and meeting the needs of consumers. At the same time, the illumination position and the halogen lamp of the original car also maintain a great consistency.

6. LED car headlights have low load and weak interference: LED components have low requirements for the use environment and good adaptability. Low-voltage DC can drive them, unlike xenon lamps that require a booster device.

7. The durability of LED car headlights is good: Although the structure of LED components is simple, its impact resistance and shock resistance are very good, and it is not easy to break.

8. LED car headlights are environmentally friendly and not dangerous: LED lights are more environmentally friendly than xenon lamps and halogen lamps and are more suitable for development trends.