Types of car lights and the role of different car lights

Types of car lights and the role of different car lights

Many novice drivers don't know much about the types and uses of car lights. Many traffic accidents are caused by incorrect use of lights. The following describes the types and functions of car lights.

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1. Low beam

The low beam is the most commonly used light in driving. It must be turned on when driving at night to protect the line of sight and tell oncoming vehicles where you are.

2. High beam

When the surrounding light is insufficient or the vehicle is sparse, you can use the high beam to search the road. The high beam can be switched when overtaking. However, when the road is well lit or when vehicles pass by at close range, the high beams need to be turned off in time.

3. Sign light

In the evening or early morning when the light is not good, you can turn on the outline lights to indicate the size and width of your vehicle to the surrounding vehicles.

4. Daytime running lights

This type of vehicle light is usually used to warn pedestrians and other vehicles when driving during the day.

The above is an introduction to the functions of different car lights.