Tips for LED Auto Bulb replacement

Tips for LED Auto Bulb replacement

Due to its fast volatilization speed, halogen headlights will decrease in brightness as the time of use increases until they fuse. The general design service life is 2-3 years, and the service life of xenon lamps is generally about twice as long, up to 5-6 years. As for the LED life span is relatively long, it can fully support the end of the car.
       The replacement of car headlights can be done separately only with a certain amount of hands-on skills, but before replacing the headlights, you must know the model of your vehicle's headlights. Users can check the light bulbs removed from their cars. There will be a light bulb at the bottom of the bulb. The specific model number is marked; you can also read the vehicle maintenance manual, which is indicated in the list of wearing parts in the maintenance manual of most models.
      1. After determining the model, it is best to ensure that the vehicle is turned off before starting to replace the headlights, remove the car key, and wait for the engine to cool down completely.

     2. Open the engine hood and simply replace the large light bulb. Generally, you do not need to remove the headlight assembly. The fixing methods of different car lights are slightly different. Generally speaking, there will be a dust cover at the tail of the headlight. Unscrew it forcefully. After that, you can see the steel wire retainer of the headlight, pinch it firmly to take out the headlight.

  3. After taking out the light bulb, you can unplug the light bulb from the power interface, and the action should be light to avoid damaging the power interface.

4. Take out the new bulb from the product packaging box. Remember not to touch the glass part of the bulb with your fingers. Avoid touching the glass part of the bulb by mistake and affecting its service life. It is best to wear gloves during operation. The bulb is installed on the power connector.

5. Finally, fix the bulb on the steel wire circlip and screw on the sealing cover.

6. Check whether the installed bulb light works normally and whether the position of the beam is reasonable.

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