There are two reasons why LED headlight will produce mist

There are two reasons why LED headlight will produce mist

Generally speaking, in the structure of the car LED headlight, there will be a vent line connecting to the outside. The purpose is to allow the temperature to rise after the LED headlight is lit, and then discharge the expanding gas inside the LED headlight through the vent line. After the LED headlight is extinguished, the temperature decreases, the internal pressure difference becomes larger, and then the outside air is sucked in through the vent tube.
Led Headlight
This design also leads to the fact that it is very easy to produce mist after heavy rain or car washing.

Based on the analysis from the above point of view, there may be a problem with the sealing of the LED headlight, especially for models of 7-8 years or more, the LED headlight sealing strip may have lost its activity, and the possibility of moist air entering is relatively large, resulting in LED fog inside headlight

In addition to the sealing strip, the plastic shell will absorb the moisture in the air like a sponge after being heated. How to solve the problem of the LED headlight fogging?

In fact, the solution is not difficult. When you turn on the lights for about ten minutes the next time you drive, you will use heat to drive away the moisture directly.

But there are some old models, how can there be fog and water for a long time, this is white, because the LED headlight is not tight, that is, not only can the air and moisture pass through the rubber vent tube, but also Through the sealed place next to it, the same water still enters. In this case, only LED headlight can be sealed.