Some Facts about LED Fog Light You Need to Know

Some Facts about LED Fog Light You Need to Know

Auto LED fog lights to allow your car to be seen when driving in fog, partly as an aesthetic feature that helps distinguish these cars from the most basic versions. But if you’re driving in bad weather, you’ll find a few points that should not be overlooked when it comes to fog light use.

What is the function of auto LED fog lights?

When visibility is poor, the role of fog lights becomes apparent - they are not designed to illuminate the way (even though some are bright enough to achieve), but rather they are designed to make it easier to make your car more visible to other drivers.

When to turn on LED fog lights?

Some drivers seem to think that even the lightest fog requires fog lights to be on, but really that’s no reason to turn them on. So, when or what environmental conditions should they be used?

As mentioned above, LED car fog lights are designed for situations where visibility is severely limited, not only fog but also for other conditions where there is less visibility, such as snow or heavy rain. Fog lights are designed to make your car more visible rather than light the path, so there is no need to turn on your fog lights during good visibility conditions at night, which is what your headlights are for.

When to turn off LED fog lights?

If the fog has cleared, you must turn off your fog lights as they may dazzle other road users and can obscure your brake lights. Rear fog lights are brighter than standard taillights, so other drivers may not see your brake lights come on when you brake.

Please pay attention that although fog usually forms in the early morning, it will lift as the sun rises. So, promptly assess current road and weather conditions and switch off when visibility improves.

Generally speaking, it doesn’t make much sense to turn on your fog lights when the weather is dry or dark. Fog light housings do not have the same type of reflector as high beams headlights. Therefore, the LED fog lights are unlikely to provide any additional light to help you see the way forward.


Do fog lights work in foggy conditions?

Yes, but they are only used for their intended purpose - to help your car be seen in low-visibility conditions.

Which lights do I use in fog?

It would be best to turn on your main headlights in fog or other low-visibility conditions. When visibility is below 100m, you should activate the fog lights in addition to the dipped headlights.

Do all cars have fog lights?

Rear fog lights are required on all cars. Front fog lights are only installed on certain models. Most new cars now have DRL daytime running lights designed to help see the car on the road.

What to pay attention to when driving in fog?

If you can’t see far in the direction of travel, slow down and keep a good distance from the car in front of you. And the roads are also likely to be slippery in the fog, giving more room to brake and slow down.


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