Simply analyze the relevant knowledge of LED car headlights

Simply analyze the relevant knowledge of LED car headlights

Car headlights, commonly known as "headlights". It is responsible for providing lighting for cars driving day and night, wind and rain. The "soul" of LED car headlights is its bulb, and its performance directly affects the lighting effect of the car lights, and then affects the driving danger. So how long can these headlights last? The following briefly introduces related knowledge.

At present, the types of car lights on the market can be roughly divided into halogen lamps, xenon lamps, LED car lights and so on. Among them, LED lights are the mainstream lights in the current market. The service life of halogen lamps is generally several hundred hours; the service life of xenon lamps is 2500-3000 hours; and the service life of LED car lights can reach 30,000-50,000 hours.

LED car headlights

However, no matter which type of light bulb is, there is a life span. It is not how long the life span of the car lights can be used normally. The car lights need to be replaced.

The headlight bulb replacement cycle is generally about 2 years. As time goes by, the brightness of the headlight bulb will gradually decrease. If the headlight does not light up, it means that the bulb is damaged and needs to be replaced, but the brightness is reduced, and the light is red and dim. It should not be taken lightly, because this may be a precursor to failure. If you find that there is indeed insufficient brightness, it is recommended to check it in a repair shop and replace the bulb if necessary.