Several Tips For Installing Auto LED Lights

Several Tips For Installing Auto LED Lights

As we all know, the illumination effect of auto LED lights directly affects the operation and traffic safety of driving at night to enhance security and visibility. Therefore, LED automotive bulbs are the most popular choice for many car owners for being energy-efficient and long-lasting. Here are some things you need to know about installing auto LED lights.

Things to check before installing auto LED lights

You may think that DIY replacement of your car LED lighting is a difficult task, but in fact, you can enjoy the brand-new and high-efficient automotive lighting with a few simple steps. Here are a few things you need to take into account before you get started.

Enough space: LED lights will take up more space under the hood than halogen lights, so you need to make sure there's enough room before installing.

Proper ventilation: LED lights generate a lot of heat, ensuring enough space for the bottom of the bulb to ventilate and dissipate heat.

Safe mounting condition: Be sure the installation conditions are safe. For example, there are no nearby plastic parts that could mele. As mentioned above, the excess heat generated by the LED bulb can cause nearby soft plastic to melt.

8 steps to install LED auto bulbs

Step 1: Find the correct bulb

The first step in the process is to find the right size LED auto bulb for your car, which generally depends on your vehicle's make and model.

Step 2: Remove the old bulb

In most cases, you only need to carry out the following steps.

* Pop out the hood.
* Remove the bubble from the power socket.
* Remove the protective rubber cover from the headlight.
* Disconnect the spring that holds the bulb into the housing.
* Carefully pull the bulb out.

Of course, you may wish to consult the owner manual to ensure that there are no details or specific actions to follow during removal.

Step 3: Secure the LED bulb

The LED headlight kit usually comes with a circle adapter to help you hold the LED auto bulb in place. Place the adapter in and hook it to the spring. Then insert the LED bulb and turn it to lock it into the housing.

Step 4: Cover the LED bulb

In some cases, you may not be able to put the rubber cover back on, for example, when the LED bulb has a larger base. At this point, you may have to cut the hole to make it bigger to fit, and purchasing another larger cover also is a convenient option.

Step 5: Plug in the bulb

This step will be much easier than the previous one since most LED auto bulbs are plug-and-play. Just plug the bulb into the previous socket and power up the device.

Step 6: Check the light

Turn on the automotive light to make sure everything is working properly and the beam and light intensity levels are what you expect.

Step 7: Check all connections

Before closing the hood, check all connections to ensure that all wiring is in place and the heat sink is not close to any components that may be affected.

Step 8: Clean the LED lights

Now that the job is done, it is the perfect time to clean the headlight covers so you can get the best light projection from your new LED auto bulbs.


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