How to choose the office t10 led bulb?

How to choose the office t10 led bulb?

The office is a place where we work every day. It is very important to protect our eyes in the workplace, so that we can complete the work better and the efficiency of the work can be improved. Office lighting is essential for each office. See how to choose the office t10 led bulb.

At present, t10 led bulbs commonly used in office lighting mainly include LED downlights, LED panel lights, LED strip lights, etc. LED lamps represented by LED downlights are rapidly gaining popularity in the office and gradually eroding the office lighting market share.

1. How to choose LED lamps in a single office

 The single office is generally an office of a senior executive, and reflects the taste and personality of the company's corporate culture in terms of lighting design. In this office, conversational tasks are often performed. In terms of lighting requirements, the illuminance value above the desk is higher (at least not less than 300Lx), and the lighting in the meeting area needs to be softer (about 200Lx).
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In terms of lamps, there are relatively more choices for single office. Some companies that pay attention to quality and refinement may add a ceiling pendant lamp. In the choice of main lighting, LED downlights or panel lights can be used. The t10 led bulb may also be used in the light trough of the suspended ceiling to enhance the layering of the space and make the lighting design more refined.


How to choose LED lamps for open collective office

 Public office areas are commonly used in open office spaces such as customer service centers and technical offices, and are the largest space in the office area. The average illuminance of an open collective office is mostly between 200-400Lx. In terms of lighting, all work surfaces should be fully and evenly illuminated so that all workstations can be fully illuminated for efficient work.

The main lighting can use LED panel light or LED downlight. The lamps need to have better anti-glare performance and the comfort of the lights should be high to protect the eyes of the staff. In terms of lamp placement, the design is on both sides of the work area, and it is not advisable to arrange the lamp directly in front of the work position.

How to choose LED lamps in the lounge and reception room

 The regional functions of the lounge and reception room, as the name implies, are to receive guests from the company. The first impression given to the guests is very important. The lighting requirements are comfortable and soft, and the average illumination is usually between 200Lx-250Lx. The design can be properly enhanced by the ceiling chandelier, and the LED downlight and the light belt are also indispensable.